No ads, unboxings or scary surprises. Just quality videos for kids.

Unleash your little explorer.


What others are saying

Beyond the more careful curation of content... Jellies also introduces a number of controls that put parents in charge of what the kids get to watch." - Sarah Perez, TechCrunch
All the videos... are screened by two different editors. Algorithms help them find content, but what appears in each of the app’s age-graded channels is ultimately decided by a human." - Christopher Mims, Wall Street Journal
We love the parental controls of it and the age range settings you can [select]. Topics your kids love can also be kept at the forefront." - Patrick Quinn, Life of Dad

What is Jellies?

Jellies is a safe, curated environment for kids to watch videos.

Many parents notice major issues with their child's language and behavior after they've watched videos for long periods of time. This is true even with kid-focused programming.

Whether it's the unboxing of new toys, inappropriate ads, or ego-driven online "stars," these influences have a profound impact on our children. They promote consumerism, distraction, and bad attitudes.

As parents, we're frustrated too. Jellies is our solution.

How is Jellies different?