Skeptical about YouTube Kids?

Meet Jellies. The first kids video app not driven by ads that's been powered by an amazing team of human editors (since day one).

Our editorial team consists of mothers, fathers, and other caregivers who believe that children should only be exposed to the best. We've watched thousands of hours of video footage to find high quality, fun, and educational content for your kids (and our own!).

Here's how Jellies stacks up:

YouTube Kids
Focused on ad revenue
Heavily influenced by data collection and algorithms
Approve entire channel after watching only a few videos
Approve every video individually by watching it entirely
Reviewed by multiple editors
Screened for words like "stupid" or "dumb"
Screened for behavior and consumerism
Age-based categories
Grouped by specific topics (e.g., colors or numbers vs. learning)
Driven by child feedback
Pull from school curriculums
Parents get control in "Parents Mode"
Kids can safely explore in "Kids Mode"
kidSAFE seal approved
Customer service / support
Timer for setting healthy habits
iOS and Android support
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Content Matters

We go above and beyond options like YouTube Kids. YouTube Kids is rumored to be changing their approach of relying on algorithms to police their kids content to offering an "opt-in" mode for channels that have been reviewed.

Jellies has always been driven by an editorial team and avoids content that can cause bad behavior, like unboxings, toy play, and “child stars.” Since Jellies is not ad supported, our video creators focus on providing quality, educational content rather than using gimmicks to boost views and revenue. Hear from our Chief Jelly to learn more about the Jellies philosophy.

Dedicated Parents Mode

Jellies is the only option that puts parents and caregivers in control with “Parents Mode.”

Even though every video in Jellies is reviewed by multiple editors, Parents Mode takes it a step further by encouraging you to sit with your child and select fun topics to watch. All of our content is grouped into age categories to help you decide what's appropriate for your child. So if you have an older child, you can choose from more advanced topics like “Demolitions” or “Cells & Microbes” in our ages 6-8 and 8+ categories. Otherwise, you can stick to topics that appeal more to younger children (2-4 and 4-6) like colors, numbers, and baby animals.

Feel free to explore outside of your child's age range as some of our topics appeal to children of all ages. We dare anyone to get enough of cute baby animal videos, for example.

Technology Tips for Your Child

We personally know that parenting in this tech world comes with a lot of challenges. Unlike other options, we regularly share new information to help parents and caregivers use technology safely and more effectively. These resources teach you how to keep your child safe and healthy online, on social media, and in apps. Check out some of our latest resources.

Be Heard and get an Actual Response

It's nearly impossible to get in touch with big companies or small app developers. Our team is dedicated to answering your questions and implementing your feature ideas. We also offer an extensive knowledge base we keep up to date with your most common questions. Your feedback is very important to us, so expect not only a response, but to be taken seriously!

About the Jellies Team

Jellies is created with love by parents who build apps for a living. We're product managers, designers, developers, copywriters, and others who aren't happy with what's available for our kids. Join us on our journey by reading our blog and connecting with us on Facebook and Twitter.