New Videos Teach Children About Lions, Tigers, and Big Cat Rescue, Oh My!

How loud is a tiger’s roar? How much does a jaguar eat? Do big cats purr and meow like house cats? Jellies teamed up with Big Cat Rescue (BCR) to answer all these questions and more! Now in the app, you’ll find a topic dedicated to the sanctuary and all the big cats it cares for.

Not only will your children learn about exotic cats, they’ll get to watch Sundari the leopard, Andre the tiger, Apollo the Siberian lynx, and other real cats in the sanctuary. Most importantly they’ll understand the important role big cats play in the world and learn a little about how to protect these beautiful creatures.

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How Can I Start Watching in Jellies?

Just click here to go to the BCR topic in the app. You can also look for the BCR topic at the top of the Featured screen, find it in the “Ages 4 and up” row, or search for it in “Topics.”

Look for the special orange tiger at the top of the Featured screen.

Where Can I Learn More About Big Cat Rescue?

BCR is an accredited sanctuary that’s home to over 80 lions, tigers, bobcats, cougars, and other big cat species. The non-profit organization works hard to fight animal abuse and abandonment. Their mission is to care for rescued cats, prevent abuse in captivity, and help endangered big cats in the wild.

Visit the BCR website to learn more about the different kinds of big cats and how to help save at-risk animals. BCR welcomes visitors at its home in Tampa, Florida. This is a great opportunity for families to take a guided tour of the sanctuary and see big cats up close! If you’d like to help out in other ways, check out BCR’s Get Involved page to find out how to volunteer, petition, donate, and more.