Technology and Your Child's Emotions

Ahh, the tech tantrum. Chances are you’ve experienced the angry, sad, frustrated, outrageous outburst that sometimes occurs when you try to take the iPhone or iPad away from your children. If they overreact at that moment, what does that mean for their overall emotional health?

We’ve already looked at how technology changes the way children pay attention and think and the impacts of technology on children’s self-esteem. Now let’s examine how technology influences your children’s emotional development. This quick guide looks at the pros and cons and what parents need to keep in mind.

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Children and Technology: Impacts on Emotions

How does technology influence your children’s emotional well-being?


  • Some tech content teaches children to identify and manage their emotions. Videos in kids apps like Jellies provide additional stories and context to help children understand and deal with their feelings.


  • The most effective way to promote healthy emotional development in children is through face-to-face interactions with parents, family, and friends. Excessive technology use can get in the way of developing those relationships.
  • Technology is not a good tool for teaching children to deal with their emotions in the moment. All too often parents use technology to distract or calm children. This often leads to more emotional and behavioral problems.

What Parents Need to Know About Children and Technology

The impact technology has on your children’s emotional development depends on how it’s used. Technology can play a powerful supportive role in teaching children about their emotions when paired with trusting and patient human interaction. And, like anything, it can become a detriment to emotional growth if used improperly.

Be wary of using your iPhone or tablet to as your family’s go-to soothing device. Children who turn to a smartphone or tablet to deal with boredom or a temper tantrum don’t get the opportunity to learn self-regulation or process tough emotions in a healthy way. Instead, they’re taught to become over-reliant on the device for dealing with unpleasant emotions.

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