Sing and Dance With Debbie and Friends

Remember the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears? How about the Three Little Pigs and Pinnochio? Jellies teamed up with Debbie and Friends to get your children singing and dancing to these classics.

These animated music videos present all-original takes on your favorite tales. More importantly though, this topic teaches children about honesty, friendship, and following their dreams.

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How Can I Start Watching in Jellies?

Just click here to go to the Debbie and Friends topic in Jellies. You can also look for the “Debbie & Friends” topic at the top of the Featured screen, find it in the “Ages 2 and up” row, or search for it in “Topics.”

Look for Debbie and her musical buddies at the top of the Featured screen.

Where Can I Learn More About Debbie and Friends?

Debbie Cavalier of Debbie and Friends is an award-winning children’s entertainer and educator. In her over 20-year career, Debbie worked with entertainment icons like Shari Lewis (Lamb Chop’s Play Along), Buffalo Bob Smith (Howdy Doody), and Bob McGrath (Sesame Street). She writes and performs original, fun, and educational songs that incorporate meaningful messages for kids.

Visit the Debbie and Friends website to learn more about the band and their music. There you’ll also find a list of upcoming performances and a store that offers Debbie and Friends DVDs, CDs, and books.