Race to the Rescue With FDNH911

What does a fire truck sound like? Do fire trucks come in colors other than red? Just how big is a fire truck? Jellies teamed up with FDNH911 to bring you the answers to these questions and a whole lot more! Now in the app, you’ll find a topic dedicated to fire trucks racing to the rescue.

Not only will your children get to watch real fire trucks on the move, they’ll get to experience all the lights, sirens, horns, and excitement of firefighters on their way to save the day. We know just how much children love watching fire trucks and are happy to offer you even more quality, on-the-street, fire truck footage.

How Can I Start Watching in Jellies?

Just click here to go to Fire Trucks Go! topic in Jellies. You can also look for the “Fire Trucks Go!” topic at the top of the Featured screen, find it in the “Ages 2 and up” row, or search for it in “Topics.”

Look the for the big red truck at the top of the Featured screen.

Where Can I Learn More About FDNH911?

Sean Fesko, aka FDNH911, is a New England-based emergency photographer and videographer. Part of the Connecticut Fire Photographers Association, Sean advocates for greater fire protection awareness and community support by capturing local emergency footage. Connect with Sean on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to learn more about his passion and mission.