How We Select the Right Kids Videos for Jellies

We’re building Jellies because we’re parents who are concerned about what our children watch as they grow up in the screen age. We understand the potential for video content to shape a child’s perception of the world and change his or her behavior. We’ve even seen some of the impacts in our own families. Needless to say we believe it’s immensely important to establish a solid Jellies philosophy and guiding principles around the quality and types of content we WANT our children to watch.

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In the video above, our Chief Jelly, Ken Yarmosh, has a parent-to-parent conversation about the types of content we want to avoid in Jellies. So far we’ve decided to stay away from unboxing videos. This is because of concerns from the parenting community about the message that such videos say about consumerism and materialism, as well as the impact that these kids videos seem to have on child attitude and behavior.

We’re also avoiding videos that show a lot of toy play or situations where kids are interacting with each other. We believe that children should be able to determine on their own how they interact with the world around them. Instead of telling children how they should react or interact with toys and others, we want our video content to engage imagination and creativity, as well as provide the freedom for children to behave naturally, as themselves.

We’ve been gathering feedback from a number of families on what they prefer their children to watch. This information is valuable as it provides perspectives outside of our own experiences and helps us build the best experience. If you’d like to help, go to and enter your email to join the Jellies journey. Be sure to connect with us on Twitter and Facebook too! Click here to download the Jellies app.