Introducing Jellies - The Safest Way for Your Child to Watch Videos

After nearly a year of work, we’re excited to announce that Jellies is now live. Jellies began because we noticed our children were increasingly encountering inappropriate video content in apps, even apps meant for kids! As parents and people who build apps for a living, we thought we were uniquely positioned to solve this problem and not just for our own children.

While we started by testing Jellies in our homes and with our friends, our goal was always to make it easy for everyone to access quality kids videos. That’s now possible. You can download Jellies and try it free for 30 days. Here’s a look at what you’ll find in the new Jellies app for parents and kids.

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No unboxings. No ads. Just good, quality videos for kids.

Made for Parents, Loved by Kids

With Jellies, we aspired to give parents more power over what videos their children watch. We created a closed, curated environment that ensures that kids start out in a safe place and then stay in a safe place, instead of wandering across videos they shouldn’t view. We also removed all advertisements, which often are not age-appropriate or fail to meet parenting standards. These decisions created a solid safety foundation for Jellies and the community we hope to use it. We didn’t stop there, however.

Select your child's favorite topics in Parents Mode.

We wanted to empower Jellies parents and caregivers even more by giving them the added ability to customize their child’s video library. In Jellies “Parents Mode,” adults get to select which topics appear in Jellies “Kids Mode.” We felt it was important to give parents this added element of control as only they know their child best. For example, do you have a child who loves trains, needs some help with their ABCs, or is afraid of thunderstorms? In Jellies Parents Mode you can add trains, planes, dump trucks, trash trucks, and other similar topics to your child’s library while steering clear of the lightning topic. You could also add in an educational ABC topic for good measure. If you notice your child isn’t as engaged in a topic as you expected, you can easily remove that topic from their library and replace it with one of Jellies’ many playlists.

Jellies Kids Mode provides an immersive playground where children can swap between topics easily and explore a variety of related videos. We designed Kids Mode to offer a playful and fun experience where their videos are the stars of the show. We tested and watched our own kids interact with it and found that it’s easy to navigate even for a 1-year-old. Parents are ultimately the ones who decide what content appears in that playground. Children also cannot leave Kids Mode because of our parental gate; they need to know multiplication to pass through. If a child manages to close out and re-launch Jellies, the app will automatically open in Kids Mode. There’s also a way to keep your child from leaving Jellies or any other app to begin with.

Kids Mode provides a safe playground for your child to explore their videos.

We Watched Thousands of Videos...

…so you didn’t have to. We made sure we included videos kids love in Jellies. The ideas for the topics came from our own children. First we identified the characteristics of videos that both kids and parents want. We reviewed content to make sure we included the most fun, amusing, age-appropriate videos that inspire further learning, creativity, and enthusiasm for exploring the world. In doing so we eliminated the kind of kids content you may encounter in other apps. We decided to remove unboxing videos, toy play and reviews, child celebrities, surprise scare and disturbing videos, and videos with inappropriate language and imagery from Jellies.

Our team of video reviewers combed through the millions of videos on YouTube to find the ones that met the Jellies criteria above. We watched every single video within Jellies, and then watched it again to make sure. Those thousands of hours of watching and reviewing was done so parents would feel secure that no matter what video their child stumbled across in Jellies. All videos in Jellies are not only appropriate, but fun and educational as well!

Help Us Shape Jellies

As Jellies grows in popularity, we’ll continue to improve it and listen closely to your feedback. We hope to build a community of people who care about our mission. Your voice will help us decide what new topics we should add to Jellies next. Tell us if there’s a topic you’d like to see more videos for, or a topic we’ve yet to add. We also have a number of features we plan to work on in upcoming releases… we can’t share all of them yet, but we’re listening!

We want your help shaping Jellies as it grows. Interact with us on Facebook and Twitter. You can also keep an eye on the Jellies blog for more parenting resources or check out our FAQs for guidance on how to use Jellies.

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