Jellies for Android is Now Available!

We’re excited to announce that Jellies is officially available on Android via the Amazon Appstore. We quietly tested it with several families over the last few weeks and are ready to make it official. This version of Jellies includes new features and loads more kid-friendly videos. Read on to learn what’s in store for your family when you start your 30-day free trial.

Download the Jellies App

No unboxings. No ads. Just good, quality videos for kids.

Great New Features Available

The Android version of Jellies includes many of the features you requested after we launched the iOS version back in late 2017. For example, this Android version comes with the ability to search across all 150+ fun and educational topics. Access the new search feature via the "Topics" tab.

Speaking of topics, we also included videos that came straight from suggestions from users like you. Your family can now hop in on a Double Dutch competition, explore breath-taking national parks, and enjoy many other parent-requested topics. We also added a way to experience even more of your favorite footage with our “back by popular demand” topics like Baby Animals II and Trains II.

Why Amazon Appstore?

Since our iOS launch, many parents and caregivers have reached out and asked us to support Jellies on their Amazon Fire tablets. Fire tablets are a strong alternative to iPads in particular because of their price point and because families can purchase a kids-only edition of the Fire tablet. As a whole, we think Amazon strives to maintain a very family-friendly approach to its technology. Amazon Prime TV, for example, offers a dedicated "Kids" section where children can interact with appropriate programming. Amazon also makes it very easy to lock down apps and content via their parental controls.

Finally, many families are already using Amazon in some way so adding Jellies through Amazon just makes a lot of sense. Jellies fits nicely within Amazon’s ecosystem, and we believe it’s the easiest way to manage a Jellies subscription. If you’re not familiar with the Amazon Appstore, just follow our handy instructions for installing Jellies to get started.

What's Next for Jellies?

We’re incredibly humbled by your response to Jellies so far. Thousands of families are now trusting us with their kids’ screen time. We take that trust very seriously, especially in light of the continued issues with other apps and websites for kids.

Android is not the final platform for Jellies. While we’ll continue to release features on iOS and Android every month, we’re already working on adding Jellies to additional platforms and devices with much larger screen sizes. Our goal is to give you Jellies wherever you and your family need it. Contact us if you’ve like to see Jellies on another platform sooner rather than later.