Jellies Earns kidSAFE Child Safety Seal

We take your child’s safety seriously at Jellies, and kids privacy and safety advocates agree. Early this year, Jellies achieved the kidSAFE Seal Program approval alongside other well-known kids brands like PBS Kids, Discovery Kids, Wonder Workshop, and Peppa Pig. Our mission at Jellies has always been to provide a safe, fun, and educational place for children to watch videos. This official recognition reinforces the hard work we’ve put into the Jellies platform.

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What is the kidSAFE Seal?

Established in 2010, kidSAFE founder Shai Samet recognized that children were starting to interact more with online content, yet no one was regulating these kids apps and websites to ensure their appropriateness for younger users. To combat this issue, Samet created an advisory board of child safety and privacy experts to help parents, caregivers, and teachers choose the best apps for children. Apps with the kidSAFE Seal meet the strict standards of these child-safety experts.

There’s so much content trying to get our children’s attention. Some of it is really great, some of it isn’t. It’s increasingly difficult for parents to sort through all the content their children hope to consume... I started the kidSAFE Seal Program to help parents by giving them an industry-recognized standard based on online safety and privacy best practices.

- Shai Samet, kidSAFE founder

In January 2018, kidSAFE approved Jellies with their highest-tier seal, the kidSAFE + COPPA Certified Seal. This particular seal means that Jellies complies with all of kidSAFE’s strict safety standards as well as additional privacy protections for children and families. The COPPA certification also ensures that Jellies meets all of the rules outlined in the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. These rules protect children from seeing inappropriate content, interacting with strangers, consuming advertisements, and losing their right to privacy.

Why is This Seal Important For Your Family?

As technology evolves, apps and websites adopt new ways to interact with children. With these new techniques comes new ways for tech to invade your child’s privacy and safety. YouTube, for example, has historically relied on algorithms to choose what content appears in their kids app. These algorithms have proved ineffective in keeping inappropriate and downright traumatizing content from appearing in the supposedly kid-friendly app. Some apps illegally collect and share data about children with third parties. Many other kids apps simply fail to protect their data.

The kidSAFE Seal Program helps parents and caregivers identify which kids apps and websites are safe for children to use. To achieve our kidSAFE + COPPA Certified Seal, Jellies continues to pass stringent guidelines focused on child safety like…

  • Giving you control over your kid’s activities in the app. We provide this level of control with our separate Parents Mode and Kids Mode .
  • Providing only age-appropriate content. All of our videos are strictly vetted and appropriate for kids 8 and under. We also avoid content that promotes bad behavior and consumerism like unboxings, child celebrities, and toy play.
  • Eliminating all advertisements. We’re not looking to sell anything to you or your children. There are no ads in Jellies.
  • Protecting your child’s information. In fact, we go a step farther. We don’t even collect your child’s private information.
  • Limiting interaction with people you don’t know. Jellies doesn’t provide any community features like chats, forums or other common messaging tools strangers use to their advantage. Parents don’t need to worry about their children seeing inappropriate language in comments.
  • Preventing your child from leaving their safe space. We don’t permit any links to third-party sites from Jellies and even provide a tutorial on how to lock down your iPhone so your child can’t find his or her way into another app.
  • Listening to and acting on feedback. We maintain an excellent track record of listening to user feedback and resolving any concerns quickly and with care.

These are only a few of the many strict rules Jellies meets to be kidSAFE accredited. We even meet several optional (not mandatory) guidelines. For example, we allow parents to set a limit on child’s play time in the app with our new Kids Mode timer feature.

Our guidelines are the accumulation of years of experience working across multiple related industries. We truly believe that our guidelines represent the basic building blocks to help ensure children have a safe and healthy experience when using technology.

- Samet

Our kidSAFE Seal is an ongoing promise to our users. Jellies is randomly reviewed on at least an annual basis to make sure we comply with safety standards. Though we think it’s important you know that we hold ourselves and Jellies to those standards even without the kidSAFE Seal.

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