9 Fun and Educational Christmas Activities for Toddlers and Kids

Inspire your child’s creativity with these Christmas-themed educational activities for toddlers. We compiled a list of our favorite holiday activities that are easy to set up and designed for younger children. Browse our list and then reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter to share your family’s fun Christmas traditions.

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Count the Ornaments

There’s no better time to practice counting than when there are lots of shiny, sparkling decorations to catch the eye. These printable, simple math mats, encourage your child to hone his or her counting skill. Choose the one that best matches your child’s skill level, whether that’s counting to 10, 20, adding, or subtracting.

Get the printables from A Little Pinch of Perfect.

Old Crayon Ornaments

Ask for your child’s help with this colorful and creative Christmas project. This project takes old crayons and transforms them into stunning ornaments for your Christmas tree. Your child will enjoy peeling the labels off crayons and tracing circles on wax paper. This is a great opportunity to team up with your child to make something fun.

Learn more at The Kindergarten Connection.

Candy Cane Guessing Game

Try this exercise over a few days to build your child’s estimation and counting skills. Set out several plastic jars filled with candy canes. Attach a label with the number of candy canes on the front of the first few jars. For example, your first jar might hold one candy cane, the second might hold three. On the last jar, add a “?” label and ask your family to guess how many candy canes are inside. This is something you can repeat with different candy cane amounts in the days leading up to Christmas.

See how this is used in a classroom setting at PreKinders.

Christmas Tree Ball Sort

This Christmas tree is a fun way for your child to practice motor skills. Just grab some felt, a basket, and colorful toy balls to assemble this sorting tree. The goal is for your child to select a ball and drop it through the similarly colored hole in the tree.

For more details, visit I Can Teach My Child.

Christmas Tree Paper Craft

Break out the kids’ scissors and practice cutting skills with this paper project. After helping your child cut out rectangles from construction paper, have them arrange the rectangles according to size. The longer pieces make up the bottom of the Christmas tree, while the strips continue to decrease in length the higher they’re placed.

Learn more about the finished project at Messy Little Monster.

Popsicle Stick Santa

Create Santa ornaments with a few popsicle sticks, paint, cotton balls, glue, and a little imagination. This provides a good opportunity to talk about Saint Nick and all the good things he represents during Christmastime, whether or not your family believes in him.

Check out the finished product at One Little Project.

Christmas Tree Number Hunt

Turn your home into a Christmas-themed scavenger hunt with this fun activity. Simply cut out pieces of construction paper, draw a number on each, and hide them around the house. When your child finds a number, have them say the number out loud. You can extend the activity to practice shape and color identification as well by cutting and hiding different shapes and colors of paper.

Go to Creative Family Fun for more information.

Gingerbread Playdough

This playdough smells so good you’ll want to eat it! (Don’t.) The recipe calls for basic ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen. It takes only a few minutes to make but provides hours of fun for your kids.

Get the recipe at Housing a Forest.

Glitter Pen Stars

These star ornaments are fun to make and look great on the Christmas tree. They require glitter pens and glue, so be sure to help your child keep the mess to a minimum. Keep these ornaments simple, or fully customize them for each member of the family.

Read the instructions at Powerful Mothering.

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