Make the Most of Your Child's Screen Time With Jellies

Jellies is on a roll! With thousands of fun kids videos, and more added weekly, plus a faster, more responsive app experience, the Jellies team continues to take your feedback to heart. Plus, there’s a lot more in store for Jellies in 2019.

If you aren’t using Jellies yet, you’re missing out! Here are the Top 4 reasons parents like you choose Jellies over other kids video app alternatives.

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No unboxings. No ads. Just good, quality videos for kids.

1. Jellies is a Commercialism-Free Zone for Kids

You won’t find unboxing videos, child celebrities, or toy play videos inside Jellies. You won’t even see a single ad! That’s because we didn’t want our own children begging us for toys and acting out after watching some of the more popular videos on apps like YouTube.

Instead of promoting toys, Jellies videos teach children about the world around them and inspire them to try new activities. We believe in building up creativity, self-confidence, and imagination in children rather than using them for profit.

2. No Algorithms, Only Human Reviewers

Instead of relying on algorithms, we go to great lengths to review every single video in Jellies. This allows us to deny questionable content or overly commercial videos and make sure nothing inappropriate or scary sneaks its way into the app.

Our curators follow strict guidelines to make sure every video is Jellies quality. To learn more about the types of videos that help your child learn and grow, check out our resource, What Kids Videos Are Right for My Child?

3. You Talk, We Listen

Jellies is powered by community. Many of the topics in Jellies are there because you reached out and requested them. In fact, the Jellies app as a whole is a product of parent feedback. We highly value your feedback and work hard to incorporate that in the app.

2019 is an already looking to be an exciting year for Jellies based on all the features we have in store. A lot of them are things you asked for. So stay tuned, and keep in touch! 😄 You can contact us directly through our support portal, as well as on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

4. Know What Your Children are Watching

Jellies gives parents full control over what their children see in the app. In Parents Mode, parents get to select the topics that their children get access to. There’s certainly plenty to choose from. Colors and shapes, to dump trucks and monster trucks, to sharks and storms, you get to select your child’s favorites.

To make things easier, parents have the ability to bulk add topics based on their child’s age. We categorize all topics by the following age ranges: 2-4, 4-6, 6-8, 8+. Choose to add all topics for 2-4 year olds with a single tap or select specific topics from that list, it’s up to you!

Once you’ve selected some topics, your children get access to those in a separate, safe Kids Mode. There they have the freedom to explore all of their topics and videos without stumbling into anything they shouldn’t.

Get Started With Jellies

There are a lot more reasons to use Jellies than the ones listed above. For example, try out the Jellies timer feature to help set healthy habits for your child’s screen time. Jellies is also COPPA-certified! Learn more about your child’s right to privacy protection on the Jellies blog. We publish tech-focused resources for parents all the time, so keep in touch with us on social for the latest updates (links above).

Most importantly, though, we hope you consider Jellies if you’re looking for a safe space to unleash your little explorer. Jellies is on iOS and Android through the Amazon Appstore. Click here to start using Jellies free for 30 days.