New in Jellies: Big Cat Rescue, Face ID, Auto Add Topics, and More

It’s here! The lat­est and great­est ver­sion of the Jel­lies app just hit the App Store. From excit­ing new top­ics to help­ful fea­tures for par­ents, here’s a quick look at what’s in store for Jel­lies users with this update for iOS.

Watch Great, New Videos for Kids

We part­nered with great new video pub­lish­ers to add inter­est­ing con­tent for your lit­tle Explor­ers. These new top­ics from Deb­bie & Friends, The Tour­ing Teacher, Big Cat Res­cue, and more are now in Just Added. Check them out in the Jel­lies app today!

Unlock Parents Mode With Your Thumbprint or Facial Recognition

To activate the auto-add, tap "Age Settings" in the Settings screen. You can also unlock Touch ID and Face ID depending on your device.

Tired of remem­ber­ing your mul­ti­pli­ca­tion tables? Now you can move between Kids Mode and Par­ents Mode using your thumbprint or, if you have a new­er iPhone or iPad, facial recog­ni­tion. Sim­ply go to Set­tings in the Jel­lies app and tog­gle on Unlock with Touch ID” and/​or Unlock with Face ID” depend­ing on your device’s capabilities.

Auto Add Topics Based on Your Child’s Age

Not sure what top­ics to add or don’t have time to search for the lat­est releas­es? We can help! Our brand new auto-add fea­ture auto­mat­i­cal­ly adds top­ics for your child’s age into your library. To enable this fea­ture, go to Set­tings in the Jel­lies app, tap Age Set­tings,” and select your kids’ age ranges. We’ll take care of the rest!

Preview Highlights From Your Favorite Topics

Now you can pre­view clips from pop­u­lar Jel­lies top­ics in Par­ents Mode! These pre­views give you a quick look at what your child will see in top­ics like Fire Trucks, Vol­ca­noes, Rain­bows, Mon­ster Trucks, Dump Trucks, Thun­der­storms, and more. 

We con­tin­ue to roll out new videos and fea­tures for par­ents and kids in Jel­lies. As always, please reach out and let us know what you think of these new changes at help@​jelliesapp.​com. We’d also love to hear your sug­ges­tions for new top­ics and fea­tures so we can keep mak­ing Jel­lies bet­ter. Also, please con­sid­er leav­ing a rat­ing or review in the App Store. Your rat­ings and reviews put Jel­lies in front of more fam­i­lies who want fun and safe apps for their children.