Travel the World With The Touring Teacher

Who was the first man on the moon? Where did Stonehenge come from? And, most importantly, how can history help you make a perfect sandwich? Jellies teamed up with The Touring Teacher to bring you the fascinating answers to these questions and a whole lot more! Now in the app, you’ll find a topic dedicated to traveling the world and exploring what makes it so great.

Not only will your children learn about important moments in history, they’ll visit amazing landmarks, see natural wonders, and eat strange food. Even more, the Touring Teacher’s warm and inspiring personality encourages children to become curious about what it’s like to live in different cultures around the globe.

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How Can I Start Watching in Jellies?

Just click here to go to The Touring Teacher topic in Jellies. You can also look for the “The Touring Teacher” topic at the top of the Featured screen, find it in the “Ages 8 and up” row, or search for it in “Topics.”

Look for the skipping teacher at the top of the Featured Screen.

Where Can I Learn More About The Touring Teacher?

Meet Laura Alice, The Touring Teacher.

Laura Alice is the woman behind The Touring Teacher. She travels the world, using her experience teaching primary school in New Zealand and the United Kingdom in her videos. Her curriculum-based content helps educators bring wonder to their lessons.

Visit The Touring Teacher website to learn more about Laura Alice, watch more videos, and read her blog. There you’ll find more educational resources, including lesson plans, activities, and assessment sheets. The Touring Teacher is a great resource for educators looking to supplement their classroom curriculums and parents who want to continue their child’s learning at home. Head to The Touring Teacher store to take a look!